Gear Aid Tenacious Tape for Fabric Repair, Platinum Nylon
Gear Aid Tenacious Tape for Fabric Repair, Platinum Nylon
Manufacturer : Gear Aid
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Product Description
Tenacious Tape by Gear Aid is a repair tape that fixes rips, holes and gashes in almost all of your outdoor gear. It stays put no matter what Mother Nature dishes out and leaves no sticky mess. Tenacious Tape comes in black, clear and popular colors, so you can match your fabric for nearly-invisible repairs. Try that with duct tape. Part of the McNett family of brands, Gear Aid features trusted repair and maintenance products for outdoor gear. For over three decades McNett has been providing you with the Essentials for Adventure.
Product Details
  • Size: 3"x 20"
  • Color: Platinum Nylon
  • Brand: Gear Aid
  • Model: 10696
  • Released on: 2011-06-13
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 6.50" h x 1.50" w x 4.50" l, .22 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Ultra-strong repair tape with aggressive adhesive fixes rips, holes and gashes in your outdoor gear
  • Makes quick repairs to outdoor gear in the field; just peel and stick
  • Sticks to almost any surface and is great for repairing camping gear, sleeping bags and pads, clothing, and vinyl rafts
  • Instantly seals leaking seams and stops rips from spreading
  • Available in 3" x 20" rolls; clear, black, dark blue, sage green and platinum white
  • Customer Reviews

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    5This tape is awesome. I slipped down the stairs in my brand ...
    By DF
    This tape saved my brand new Marmot jacket. Dont hesitate to purchase this product, I am a perfectionist, this tape is awesome. I slipped down the stairs in my brand new Marmot jacket a week after I purchased it. Somehow I manged to get two precision cuts on the elbow of the jacket. I had down feathers flying out of the hole every time i moved my arm. I was truly disappointed that I ruined my jacket after only a week of use, I swore to myself that I will never buy another jacket with such thin material. After doing research I purchased this product, the picture doesn't do it justice, the tape makes my jacket look and wear like it is brand new again. I am fully confident that it will stay on it for the life of my jacket. I purchased the clear, it is barely noticeable, easy to apply, and slightly stands out because of the glare. I will now use it on all my outdoor gear. I wish I knew about it sooner, I would have fixed my backpacking tent that has a small hole on the side from an amber landing on it. The best solution out there. Very happy!

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    5This tape is truly amazing!
    By CJ
    I bought the tape for repairing a tent, but have used it to repair an expensive Hawaiian shirt, a set of cushioned headphones, a bicycle seat pad, and a sleeve on a sweatshirt. Every repair has held and not having to replace the items repaired has saved me much more than the tape cost.

    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
    3Leaves sticky residue on other gear when in a pack
    By Megin
    I haven't actually had to use it yet so I can't speak on how well it works for patching stuff... It isn't the easiest to store it in your pack for extended periods of time without it unrolling and coming detached at the sides, sticking to any gear you have in the same bag with it. Now some of my stuff has a sticky residue all over it because the roll won't stay curled nicely, even with a middle item supporting and a piece of scotch to hold it together. I bought a 5$ full repair kit with needles, thread, seam glue, replacement mesh patches, and replacement tent patches like this tape that seem much better (more heavy duty, don't come undone from stick pad, and stay rolled/folded)... it was cheaper, came with more stuff, and is more effective. While this product seems good, I think there are better alternative sources for cheaper. I got my repair kit at a Dunham's sporting shop.

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