Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Wristband, Black, Large
Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Wristband, Black, Large
Manufacturer : Fitbit
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Product Description
Energize your day with Charge—an advanced activity wristband that tracks your steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes. Stay connected throughout the day with real-time fitness stats and Caller ID on the OLED display. And when the day is done, automatically monitor your sleep and set a silent, vibrating alarm. Whether you’re at the office or on the go, Charge wirelessly syncs your stats to your smartphone and computer to help you find the motivation you need to achieve your goals.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #1389 in Health and Beauty
  • Size: Large (6.5-7.7 in)
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Fitbit
  • Model: FB404BKL
  • ESRB Rating: Everyone
  • Platform: Xbox 360
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: .35" h x .83" w x 8.10" l, .5 pounds
  • Product Features
  • All-Day Activity: Track steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes, hourly activity & stationary time
  • Watch and Display: See daily stats, time of day & Exercise Mode on the OLED display
  • Caller ID: See call notifications on display with compatible mobile devices
  • Long Battery Life: Lasts longer than competing trackers with a battery life of 7-10 days
  • Auto Sleep and Alarms: Monitor your sleep automatically & set a silent alarm
  • Wireless Syncing: Sync stats wirelessly & automatically to leading smartphones and computers
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    4Charge Vs. Flex - Love the charge
    By BlueEyedTechieInTX
    Update 7/25/2016 - I've had two Fitbit Charge units since I've written this review. Each of them the band has fallen apart in under a year. Not only that, my husband has had two in under a year, as well. Both of his bands have fallen apart in less than a year. I love Fitbit, but I'd highly suggest you pay an extra $20 and get the Charge HR. The wristband won't fall off because it's like a watch band. It's worth the extra $20 not to have to replace your Fitbit every year because the band falls apart.

    First off I would make this a five-star rating if I didn't have a bad Fitbit sent on first order. The LCD was damaged on ours, and we had to exchange it. My friend just bought one, and the battery only lasted one day on a full charge.

    That said - if you get a good one - it's great. I bought one for my husband for Christmas, and he loves his Fitbit. In fact, I had the flex, and I was so jealous of his that I lasted two weeks before I upgraded and bought my own.

    I love how I can see the display. First press it's a watch (time), the second click it tells you steps, then it how far you've gone in miles, then how many calories you have burned, and then tells you the floors you've climbed.

    The other new features I love over the flex
    1. Display
    2. When your phone rings, your Fitbit (if you connect your phone) will vibrate. I have caught so many potentially missed calls because my phone will vibrate my Fitbit! It even scrolls the name of the caller on the display. I LOVE this feature.
    3. It tracks floors climbed. The flex didn't. I missed that feature from the Fitbit one I used to have so it's nice to have that feature back.
    4. On the flex, you have to put the flex in sleep mode to track sleep. On the charge, you don't have to put it in sleep mode. It automatically knows you are sleeping and will track. I LOVE this feature since I always forgot to turn off the sleep mode on my flex. The charge automatically tracks sleep.
    5. The battery indicator when low flashes on the display. I love this feature!

    1. The flex was waterproof. You could swim with it. The charge is water resistant. I can wear mine in the shower. You can not swim with it or take a bath and submerge it.
    2. The charge is a good size bigger, almost double the size of the flex. That said, the display is clear and easy to read because it is bigger.
    3. I have had the issue others have mentioned where it has fallen off a few times now. I know they have a little clasp to put over the end of the band to help prevent that. I've used this fastener ring, and it has worked fantastic - I highly recommend buying this if you buy the charge - MDW 7pcs Mixed Colored Silicon Fastener Ring for Fitbit Charge/force, Protect the Band From Falling Off and Fix the Clasp Loose Problem,never Worry About Losing Your Loved Fitbit Charge. If you don't want to buy a clasp to put over your Fitbit band, then pay a little extra for the Charge HR. The band is like a watch band and is very nice. In regards to this product comparison, the flex stayed on much better than the charge.

    Other things to note about both models -
    The Fitbit does NOT talk to the built-in tools for ios8 (the health kit). I wish it would. There are quite a few apps that I use (like Lark) that I'd love to talk to iOS so it can accurately tell how active I've been.

    If you get a Fitbit, the website, and mobile app is super easy to use. You can add friends and do daily or weekly challenges. I have to say that feature has helped me get in more steps because I'm competitive, and I hate to lose challenges. So many people own Fitbits that doing these weekly/daily challenges through the fit bit app or Fitbit website is a ton of fun. The community of friends who also own Fitbits would keep me from moving to another type of fitness wristband.

    Battery - so far the battery seems to keep a charge a little under a week. It's about comparable to the flex, perhaps a little less.

    Overall I'm very happy with the Charge. My husband, who's never owned a Fitbit before, wears his all the time and talks about how much he loves it all the time.

    Update 4/20/14 - Under my con, I said this Fitbit was water resistant. It is to an extent. I do not wear mine in the shower anymore as it tends to have condensation build-up on the display window. The condensation eventually goes away, but I wanted you to be aware. I still would recommend the charge and really like mine.

    Update 6/20/14 -
    My husband's Fitbit charge side button has fallen off. My Fitbit Charge is starting to crack where the Fitbit is built into the wristband. I've worked with Fitbit customer service in the past, and they have been amazing (seriously AMAZING), so I'm quite confident we can get these defects replaced under warranty. Our fitbits are still requiring a charge only about once a week. I'd highly recommend despite some of the wear and tear we've had on ours.

    7/1/15 - Fitbit has amazing customer service, yet again. Both my husband and I have gotten new Fitbit Charge devices under warranty shipped to us within a few days. They asked we take a photo of the damage, provide them a screen shot of the order receipt and our mailing information. I chose the burgundy color which is like a deep wine. I really like it!

    Photo - The top is the charge (with a large wrist band). The bottom is the flex (with a small wrist band). If I had the choice and I wasn't a swimmer, I'd spend the extra $24 difference and get the charge (price difference as of 9/20/15).

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    5As of Nov, 2014, this is the most well-rounded tracker available
    By Brendan Sheehan
    I have tried a number of fitness trackers including Jawbone (regular, not 24), FitBit Flex, Garmin VivoFit and even Microsoft Band. I think this is the best. Here's how I would compare the 4:

    Jawbone - I liked the Web site, the silent alarm and the battery life, but that's about it. The biggest issue I have with many bands including this one is how bulky it is. Of course, the manual syncing also is annoying.

    FitBit Flex - it has the silent alarm, automatic syncing and you forget about it during the day because it is not very bulky. But it lacks the impressive display of FitBit Charge (see below)

    Garmin VivoFit - I liked the display and the lack of bulkiness, but the app was awful. You also couldn't see it at night, nor did it feature a silent alarm.

    Microsoft Band - if you could jam the functionality of the Microsoft Band into the Fitbit Charge, you would have the perfect tracker. The problem, however, is that the Band is very thick and you have to flip it over to read the display. The clasp is on top and the display under your wrist. It reminded me of my 4th grade math teacher who always checked his watch by flipping it over.

    FitBit Charge - looks great, silent alarm, bright display, accurate, double tap for important information. You don't notice it's on your wrist which is one of my main prerequisites for fitness trackers. One feature I think is pretty cool is the goal achievement silent alarm. So let's say you want to walk 10k steps per day. Once you do, the band buzzes and when you look at the display, you are heartily congratulated for your accomplishment. The other cool feature is if you hold the button, you tell the tracker you are in "activity" mode. A timer begins and the distance you cover is tracked. Perfect for a run.

    Of the trackers out on the market November, 2014, this is the best. Soon it will be yesterday's new especially when Apple Watch redefines the wearable market. But right now, it is the most well-rounded tracker out there.

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    5My 'Success Story' With Fitbit That You Do Not Want To Miss ..
    By Big Data Paramedic
    I have an impressive success story in weight loss using Fitbit . To Lose weight, Fitbit 'alone' will not be enough. To be successful, you need little more than that. My Sincere hope that this review helps you with that edge:

    WHO I AM :
    This review represents an average American. Middle aged Male, Non Smoker, Slightly overweight with a beer belly,always busy, drives kids around to school and after care programs, drowsy during day because he is short of sleep, thanks to TV . He goes to gym, He Loves to eat unhealthy food but buys lot of healthy groceries, some of them will end up in garbage. He never uses the Elevators and walk the stairs carrying a 400 calorie Frappucino.

    And Fitbit (Force) came in... I had a BMI of 27 and had to lose about 16 pounds . Many of you might laugh at a trivial number of 16 pounds but I have been overweight for the past 20 years, never able to lose serious weight by any method. You can calculate your BMI by visiting the site nhlbi dot nih dot gov. BMI might be misleading indicator for an athlete,but this review is targeted towards an overweight male. I used Fitbit Force for a year and things changed.

    WHERE I AM :
    Fitbit Force was discontinued for some health issues and ended up without Fitbit for few months, until Fitbit Charge was introduced. I had lost about 11 lbs in six months, slow and steady, without starving , making healthy choices.. More on it below:

    I play Tennis with my 10 year old Kid on Saturday mornings. After having Fitbit, was motivated to play another 20 minutes extra . After the tennis, go to a Dunkin Donut nearby and got a Low Fat Blueberry muffin. Casually added in Myfitnesspal and I nearly fell off my chair.. 410 calories. Stopped eating half and took the remaining home. Was busy all day with some tasks and before going to bed, noticed I was still short 1700 steps to my target goal. So walked around the block for another 15 minutes, getting some time away from TV and sucking in fresh air. Courtesy of Fitbit , and fresh air went to bed early at 10 PM instead of the 11:30 PM. These are small ,but important changes that will happen in your life.

    TRACKS : Fitbit counts steps ..... accurately. You can carry your phone or push a shopping cart (meaning the hand is not moved) , walk 100 steps and the number of steps would have incremented by one hundred. Do not worry, after few days of this fun exercise, you will eventually notice that you are steadily increasing the walk. You will notice that at the end of the day you are short by several thousand steps and slow and steadily you will get to the 10,000 steps a day. If for any reason, the count is incorrect, go to the dashboard and you can set the stride length.
    ACTIVE MINUTES: Is a nice feature where it says how active you were. I will not say this as top notch but nevertheless it has to be an important aspect in healthy lifestyle. Example :Playing volleyball hardly adds to active minutes
    STAIRS : Fitbit tracks climbing stairs, an important fitness regimen in pursuit of healthy weight loss and maintenance. I am not a fan of Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband, Black because it misses measuring stairs, an important component of being healthy.

    SLEEP : We lack Sleep. Period. We are obsessed with Food and weight but do not pay much attention to Sleep. Even kids run short of sleep . Fitbit tracks your sleep. Just wear it and go to bed. Over a period of time, it just tells you, " dude, go better get some sleep !, don't lie to yourself. ".When your manager makes a passing comment that you are very focused these days, remember it is because your sleep got better thanks to Fitbit. .. As a suggestion, try not to wear Fitbit charge couple of days a week, to avoid possible allergic rashes.

    COSMETIC : Fitbit has a primary purpose to make you fit,the rest is optional . Two of them needs to be mentioned. The first one is the clock with optional Date, that makes it a watch. Second one is that I do not have to press the knob to see the time and tapping displays it. I am not much into smartphone calls, caller Id Display so will leave it for someone else to opine about it.

    CONS: The strap is still not easy and convenient. It is an electronic appliance and all laws of 'breakage'will apply. Make sure not to damage it with water, DO not take it to swimming, or drop it on the floor.I have worn it for hours together playing and sweating and that seems to be ok .The tracker does not have a GPS option or does not track Heart rate , pulse or blood pressure. Fitbit is introducing a model with Heart Rate in next few months ( like every other competitor).

    THE LARGER PURPOSE: If you are determined to fool Fitbit, you can; Just like you can fool your doctor. At it's core, Fitbit is nothing more than measuring some normal movements and associated vibrations of walking. So if you ride your bicycle on a bumpy road, yes, the count could go wrong. In fact Fitbit specifically asks you which is your dominant hand to adjust to this variance. But the larger question or the reason you are buying this is not to check how accurate the count or Fitbit is , but rather "How can I get healthy and lose weight?". Over a period of weeks and months, the outlier events won't make a difference and the numbers will slow and steadily nudge you towards healthy lifestyle.

    MYFITNESSPAL DOT COM : Physical activity can take you only so far. I would say tracking your food is more important than Fitbit. in fact I would say, you can lose more weight just by religiously using Myfitnesspal dot com. They have a rich database of Food.. Fastfood, super market food, deli food ... you name it . As an example Type in "McDonalds" and the entire menu pops up. The choices could include Mcdonalds Grilled chicken burger(no cheese) or with extra cheese. It is so convenient and just click and pick. You can even add your own food. I was floored to see even Indian food like Idly (rice cake), sambhar(soup) , appalam(Indian Tortilla) were all there smiling at you.It is truly free,no ads, no popups nothing.

    MIRACLE PICTURES: Look for inspiration at community dot myfitnesspal dot com forwardslash en forwardslash categories forwardslash success dash stories .. See the miraculous pictures of people who have lost weight,many the 'old fashioned' way of controlling what you eat and being active. Check out the pictures of usmcmp, a 217 lb single mom with a child who LOST 70LBS. Pictures,experiences and stories of a MORBIDLY OBESE man (vismal) who is now having 6 PACK , or you might be able to better relate to soprnomama, a 34 year old women who LOST 55LBS and went from tight 16 to size 8 dress. While there also check out the profile of hanymamdouh, a middle age man, who LOST 157LBS and of course, cincysweetheart, who LOST 101LBS . Hundreds of such stories of common man and women with all the earthly problems that all of us have. ( Sorry, I am not paid by myfitnesspal - JUST A FAN)

    Best of all , all your activity in Fitbit gets synched with Myfitnesspal. So your 10,000 steps might have helped you burn 500 calories and will reduce your net calorie intake for the day.

    Here is a sample Reading in MyfitnessPal
    Calories Remaining 422
    Food :1223 Calories (MyfitnessPal)
    Exercise :106 calories ( from fitbit + you can enter activity like Gym Visit)
    Nice Graph of your progress

    There are many in the market but fitbit Aria helps in synching your weight to fitbit and the weight gets added to Fitbit dashboard, which seamlessly gets integrated to Myfitnesspal.
    WHAT YOU DO NOT NEED: Fitbit offers a Premium service. Save your money. It is pretty basic . Use MyFitnessPal Instead.

    EXTREME FITNESS EASY WAY: I wish one tracker does all of them, but as of now, if you are big into swimming , use FINIS Swimsense Performance Monitor , use mapmyride dot com for bicycling. In fact there are tracker for anything and everything and most of them sync with Myfitnesspal. For example, did you know how to reduce your back pain.. Here you go Lumo Lift - Posture and Activity Tracker

    There are several Fitness Trackers in the market. Fitbit Charge is just one of them and probably the best. As far as I Know Fitbit is the only company that has been build ground up exclusively focusing on health trackers. For other companies like Nike,Garmin , it is just another product line. Whichever fitness tracker you chose , make sure it integrates with myfitnesspal. Between Fitbit Charge, MyFitnessPal And Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale, Black, I can promise you the first thing you will notice is that you will stop the steady weight increase. Slow and steady you will gain more energy and then start losing weight. 'Buffett lunch' will not be that appealing anymore.

    This is a 'real' deal.

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