Mens Compression Shirt, Body Shaper Workout Tank Tops Training Shirt Undershirts ... (XL, Black)
Mens Compression Shirt, Body Shaper Workout Tank Tops Training Shirt Undershirts ... (XL, Black)
Manufacturer : Pop Fashion
Amazon Price : $10.99
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Product Details
  • Size: X-Large
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Pop Fashion
  • Fabric type: 80% Nylon / 20% Spandex
  • Dimensions: .25 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Body Shaper, Tank Top - This Men Body Shaper is perfect for running, workout, gym, training
  • Stomach Shaper - These slimming tank top are the perfect workout tanks for six pack abs
  • Undershirts - This men dress shirt undershirt is a must have to look good at work or your next date
  • Mens Compression Shirts - This compression shirt is sleeveless, tight fit, muscle shirt
  • Training Shirts - These mens shirts are perfect for running, cycling, crossfit, weight vest
  • Customer Reviews

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    5Fit is pretty good, thought the material would be a some ...
    By nelson roman
    Fit is pretty good,thought the material would be a some what thicker. For the most part it fit as expected.

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    5Game Changer
    By RippedCollar83
    This is a list of what I expected when I ordered this product:

    -A muscle shirt

    This is a list of what I actually got when I ordered this product:

    -A sexy new look

    -A portable workout partner

    -A new purpose in life

    I am so happy that I received a discount on this product so that I would be willing to try it! All I have to do is leave a review, but this is one of those products that you have to tell people about, so I would have left a review either way.

    What is with all the hype? What makes this shirt different from my grey cut-off? Well, it is simple. This shirt is made from specialty material that fits your body so tightly that it gives rise to a variety of surprising benefits.

    First of all, by highlighting your muscles this shirt makes you look blindingly sexy. You can wear this shirt around the house in order to seduce your significant other, or wear it under your regular clothes for an even more chiseled look. My co-workers were literally drooling over me when I used the latter method.

    More importantly to me, this shirt makes working out a blast because the tiny fibers hug your body which makes you more aware of your bodys muscle groups with acute sensitivity. I was even able to make more precise movements while playing college basketball. The opposing offense did not stand a chance!

    So, this little shirt turned out to affect my life in a big way, and I do not regret ordering it at all. I can now say with certainty, that I will be working even harder for a chiseled body thanks to this eye-opening garment.

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    3Great idea, but the sizing is way off -- Order smaller by 1-2 sizes
    By Diamond
    I rated this compression tank 3 stars for the following reasons:
    + The fabric is soft and feels silky
    + If it fit, it would offer good compression
    + The shoulder straps are comfortable
    + It comes down to just below my belt line
    + It's smooth and won't add bulky lines under your shirt so it's pretty invisible to any onlookers
    + You can see the compression lines and how it's sewn together to hold your belly in
    + The price point is in a really good place
    - The sizing is way off
    - I ordered an XX-Large because I have a 46 inch chest and it's WAY too large on me
    - I should have ordered a Large instead of an XX-Large
    - It looks like a woman's tank top


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