SAXX Vibe Boxer Brief, S, Anchor Navy
SAXX Vibe Boxer Brief, S, Anchor Navy
Manufacturer : Saxx
Amazon Price : $23.10
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Product Description
Comfort meets function with this innovative boxer brief, Exceptional, modern fit boxer brief with contour pouch. Fine mesh inner sling helps keep everything in place, Seamless side panels protect chafing of inner thighs. Smooth, seamless seat for ultimate next-to-nothing feel SAXX, Style Number: SXBM35-ANN.
Product Details
  • Size: Small
  • Color: Anchor Navy
  • Brand: Saxx
  • Model: SXBM35-ANN-S
  • Fabric type: 95% Viscose/5% Spandex
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 5.00" h x 9.00" w x 11.00" l,
  • Product Features
  • Comfort meets function with this innovative boxer brief
  • Exceptional, modern fit boxer brief with contour pouch
  • Fine mesh inner sling helps keep everything in place
  • Seamless side panels protect chafing of inner thighs
  • Smooth, seamless seat for ultimate next-to-nothing feel
  • Customer Reviews

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    169 of 176 people found the following review helpful.
    By Brandon M. Steinmetz
    November 12th, 2014. The day my life changed forever. Thirty bucks for a pair of underwear? No freaking chance. But after a night of heavy drinking and online shopping I figured what the heck and pulled the trigger. The next day they arrived and I tossed them in with the laundry. Pulled them out and tried them on while still warm, HOLY SMOKES, like eating your first Frito right off the assembly line. Absolute perfection. Something I had been missing over my entire 29 year old life had now been found. A single tear of bliss rolled down my cheek as I had just found the holy grail of mens underwear. The best description I can give is "Michelangelo's angel hanging from your belt cradling the boys with its little cherubic hands". I immediately started the fire pit out front of my suburban home and burnt all of my other underwear while my neighbors shielded their children from the site of a man wearing only Saxx while burning a giant pile of tighty whities. Seriously the best purchase thus far in my life. A huge upgrade. When I walk past the "department store" all cotton brands, I weep for the men that will buy them and never experience pure bliss.

    19 of 20 people found the following review helpful.
    4The comfiest Saxx with a huge drawback.
    By benito
    This review has been a long time in the works. I’ve had several years' experience with a few different styles of Saxx - Pro Elite, Vibe, and Fiesta. They are truly life changing underwear. I hand wash all my Saxx because I want them to last forever. For reference, I’m 5’8” 150 lbs, 31" waist, and almost always wear size small in other underwear (CK, Champion, etc).

    Amazing. I think these are the best all-purpose Saxx. As with all Saxx, the mesh panels work perfectly - brilliant invention. I’ve searched far and wide for boxer briefs that are the right length to prevent chafing. 9” inseams (Champion, UA) prevent the thigh rubbing, but I find that the longer length rides *down* my legs instead of up, which pulls the material away from my junk, loses support, and leads to ball/thigh rubbing. Some 6” inseams still ride up because I like to hike them up a little to begin with to prevent ball chafing. Saxx to the rescue! These sit very naturally in the middle of the thigh and eliminate all chafing for me. Regular walking NEVER causes these to ride up. I’ve worn these under jeans and shorts and they always stay in place. If you’re doing lots of climbing or sitting Indian style they will probably ride up, but so would everything.

    The polyester material stays super dry. They also smell WAY less than all the other polyester underwear I’ve ever worn. These never seem to get that awful poly stink. Huge plus. These are perfect for casual hiking, great in the cold weather and also when it’s hot to keep you dry. They should last a long time.

    Note: the Pro Elites definitely run big! Size down, especially if you’re in between sizes. I wear an XS in these. I tried the smalls and the mesh panels were too loose to provide consistent separation down there (especially when more active) and didn’t give much support. When I tried the XS everything was perfect. The only downside of sizing down to the XS is that the waistband is pretty tight.

    These are suuuuper comfortable, and also look great. They’re ‘modern fit’ and seem to run more true to size - I wear a small.

    But the Vibes have a huge drawback. Without fail, the material loses its shape well within an hour. They will start to ride up and will not stop. It will only get worse as time goes on, especially if you’re hot or sweating. I can’t wear these for any kind of outdoor activity beyond a short walk with the dog. Losing their stretch will also lead to wedgies. By the end of the day, they’re so loose that the mesh panels are no longer stretched sufficiently to stay in place. But if you don’t care about these things these things, these might be your jam.

    For me, the Vibes are perfect for around the house, lounging in pajamas, and even sleep. I wear them every night. They also show off your goods rather nicely. The viscose (modal) is very soft and feels amazing against your skin. I never want to take them off like I do synthetic underwear. They do fine in the washer, but I hang dry them because the dryer will cause the elastic waistband to wear out prematurely.

    Also amazing. Great for casual and everyday use. The mesh panels work perfectly and keep everything separated. The newer anti-roll striped waistband is a huge improvement. It feels very comfortable against my skin and does not roll. I haven’t done anything super active in them, but for casual wear they barely/rarely stretch out or ride up. They stay drier than 100% cotton. They’re maybe a half inch longer than the Pro Elites and provide plenty of chafing protection.

    The Fiestas also run big. I wear an XS and they fit perfectly. I’ve also noticed some inconsistencies in the Fiestas. They can vary slightly in length, rise, inseam, and mesh panels. Nothing major. I haven’t had any of the 24/7s but they are the same material as the Fiestas.

    Other good places to buy Saxx are eBay, Backcountry, and Classic Shapewear. I personally have no problem spending $25-30 a pair because good fitting underwear is very important to me. Hopefully this helps and doesn’t make anyone more neurotic about underwear…not that I’d know what that’s like.

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    3I like the junk-holding mesh stuff
    By David M. Ford
    I buy my SAXX a size down. I have a pair of Fiestas, two Platinum, two Kinetic briefs, a pro elite, and a vibe. I like the junk-holding mesh stuff, it's kinda nice. Here's a breakdown of my opinions on them all in the order that I bought them:

    Vibe: They have the most style options. If you want to be looking fresh in your skivvies when you're getting down with the gal/guy of your choice, these ones are probably going to get you the most style points. HOWEVER, they are shorter than he rest, and maybe it's just my legs, but they ride up the most, so I won't be buying more.

    Fiesta: These ones are cotton, so if that's what you dig, get em. However, the cotten will stretch out throughout the day, so you won't get that awesome 'tight' feeling after a few hours of wearing them. They may ride up a little, but nowhere near as much as the Vibes.

    Pro Elite: I think these are my favorite. I mow grass and go to the gym a lot, so I appreciate the dry-fit-esque fabric down there when my fun bits start sweating. They won't stretch out throughout the day like the Fiestas, and they won't ride up like the Vibes.

    Kinetic: I bought two pairs in a medium and am now thinking they should have been Large. More on that if I ever buy a large pair. Since they're briefs, riding up isn't even possible. they're by far the most breathable, and the first pair on my list to have a penis hole for when you're wearing dress pants and want to pee without untucking your shirt and fiddling with a belt and all that jazz. If I know it's going to be hot, I wear these to stave off the ever-threatening swamp nuts.

    Platinum: If you want to wear the softest pair of underwear that have ever touched your body, and you want whoever touches you to feel the softest pair of underwear of their life, then these are the ones you want. I'm not sure if they make these out of kitten fur or what, but when I wear these I'm confident that my underwear is softer than every other man I pass that day, so if that's what you're going for, these are for you. BONUS: these ones also have a penis hole which is convenient.

    Overall I'd say... Pro Elite/Kinetic > Platinum > Fiesta > Vibe, but maybe that's just me. In the future I won't be buying more vibes, I'm unlikely to buy more Fiestas, I'm somewhat-likely to buy more Platinums, and I'm very-likely to buy more Pro Elite/Kinetics.

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