Moeller A/D Portable Fuel Tank with Handle (6.5-Gallon)
Moeller A/D Portable Fuel Tank with Handle (6.5-Gallon)
Manufacturer : Moeller
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Product Description
Ultra tanks include our new 90 degree fuel withdrawal assembly that rotates 360 degrees to reduce fuel line kinks and a direct sight fuel gauge with glass lens for years of clear viewing. Seamless one-piece polyethylene construction, 2-stage self-venting fuel cap required by EPA/CARB for 2011, and advanced styling make these a perfect portable fuel tank for storage in transom well or in other small areas. Dimensions: 132015/2"W x 212015/8"L x 9"H w/cap.
Product Details
  • Size: 6.5-Gallon
  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Moeller
  • Model: 620049LP
  • Released on: 2011-01-01
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 10.50" h x 21.75" w x 14.25" l, 7.00 pounds
  • Product Features
  • MOELLER 620049LP, MOE620049LP
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    1this was a nice tank straight out of the box until I discovered ...
    By g
    Well, this was a nice tank straight out of the box until I discovered that it's not a 6.5 gal tank but only a 6 gallon. Not a huge deal, but misleading. Second, I took the tank out and had problems straight away. The pressure release doesn't work and you have to manually release the pressure by removing the cap. Not much fun as you're trying to control a boat at the same time and wasn't able to keep the tank further than I could reach. Also in doing so, gas splashed out and around and on my hands. It was quite a mess. I set up a return but UPS advised they would not take the tank back to Amazon as it has had gasoline in it and considered hazardous. Amazon still graciously refunded my money. But, save yourself some trouble and buy a line insert and a water separator. Also, moreover, a different tank.

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    2Vent cap failed
    By KAK
    I liked everything about this tanks, but the adjustable vent cap doesn't work. While on the lift, We left the vent cap open all the way but The tank built up pressure and leaked from the connector hose fitting. Well over a gallon of gas/oil mix dribbled all over the carpet. We now unscrew the entire cap because we don't trust the vent assembly. : (. Disappointing.

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    4Good tank
    By Amazon Customer
    I had some seepage problems with the pickup but with some fiddling I determined that it was to tight and probably causing a slight deformation of the seal. I had the previous version of this tank for around 15 years until it started to leak. The reason I purchased this tank was that I could use my old fashioned fill cap from my old tank and bypass the stupid EPA "Non venting cap".

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