Led Tutu Skirt Light Up Rosy Skirt for Women Girls 80s Costume Skirt for Party
Led Tutu Skirt Light Up Rosy Skirt for Women Girls 80s Costume Skirt for Party
Manufacturer : MARYSUN
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Product Description
The MARYSUN LED tutu skirt is especially designed for you.
Because of fairy tales and the film Sissi, every girl got a princess dream, wearing tutu skirt tutu skirt and to be a princess like Sissi. Now, princess tutu skirt is just right in front of you sight, you can realize your beautiful dream.

Sometimes you pretend yourself as sexy and charming as a queen, I bet MARYSUN charming sparkling light up tutu skirt can fulfill your needs.

You can wear the MARYSUN tutu skirt to different occasions, such as attending Halloween, carnival, 80s costume party, prom theme party, rave party, glow party, character reenactments, collective performance, parades, dancing, practicing ballet and Zumba, and other holiday festivities, it's rave party tutu skirt, dancing tutu skirt, 80s costume tutu skirt, gay pride tutu skirt, a perfect choice for any casual occasion.

The MARYSUN LED tutu skirt is also very practical and brilliant, it can be matched with various tops and other outfit, glitter tutu skirts for women and girls.

Elastic waistband for easy on and off. With the development of our company, we are able to provide you with more fashion and more beautiful haute couture.

One more note, MARYSUN led tutu skirt is very soft, it may be damaged by washing machine, please wash the LED tutu skirt by hand.

Product Features:
Material: 20% Terylene and 80% Nylon
Color: Blue
Cleaning way: Hand wash
Weight: 2 ounce
Size: waist: 27.5" - 43"; length: 14"
Please read this size chart carefully before placing your order.

Package Included:
1x tutu skirt

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Product Details
  • Size: free size
  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: MARYSUN
  • Product Features
  • MEASUREMENT - This tutu skirt is free size and elastic, waist: 27.5" - 43"; length: 14", it can be wear by adults, teens and kids.
  • LED TUTU SKIRT - Just imagining this scene, you are wearing MARYSUN LED tutu skirt and joining in Halloween, carnivals, 80s costume party, prom theme party, rave party, glow party, running, even gay pride, then dancing in parties, the LED lights are sparkling while surrounding environment is dark, you are absolutely the party queen with party tutu skirt. LED sparkling tutu skirt can be used as performance dress, especially for collective performing.
  • TUTU SKIRT - Wearing MARYSUN led tutu skirt, joining parties, lights are sparkling, your are focus, so brilliant.
  • TUTU SKIRT FOR WOMEN GIRLS - Its splendid color expresses energy and vitality, vibrant tutu skirts for dynamic people, MARYSUN glitter tutu skirt for women and girls.
  • BUTTON CELL POWERED TUTU SKIRT - MARYSUN adult tutu skirt is powered by button cell - CR2032, this button cell can last several hours, up to 20 hours, very durable.
  • Customer Reviews

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    14 of 15 people found the following review helpful.
    5Such fun and colorful tutu, LED lights sewn in
    By A P
    This tutu skirt is just too cute! It has some pink, orange, yellow, green and bluish hues mesh material with little LED lights embedded. The lights are all on one string but when lit up, it looks really fun. The lights are powered by two small round batteries. The whole battery compartment is pretty tiny so you don’t notice it much. The cover of mine is not as tight so the lights flicker which makes it extra fun. I tape the cover for continuous light mode.

    It’s very short so plan on wearing leggings or something else underneath. The rubber waist is thick and pretty comfortable. My waist is 34 inches and it wasn’t horribly tight. I have already wore it around the house as fun for my toddler and will be using it for many Halloweens to come or any other type of event where you get to put on ridiculous outfits. Love the skirt, so colorful and fun and even lights up! Can’t go wrong with it for under $15.

    I was given a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review and like many others, I always check product reviews on amazon before purchasing them. My reviews are honest and 100 percent based on my own use of the product. I do not feel obligated to leave good reviews when the product does not deserve it. I hope it was helpful.

    13 of 14 people found the following review helpful.
    5This tutu is BEAUTIFUL!! Seriously
    By Denny mitchell
    This tutu is BEAUTIFUL!! Seriously, its adorable and so pretty - its a little girl's dream and a big girl's dream too! The only thing its missing is glitter and that's ok - you'll never get rid of the glitter in your home and frankly, there's probably some around that it will pick up anyway! It's a short tutu, but honestly it looks a lot shorter in the package than it does on the body - and its not like you'll be wearing it with nothing under anyway. Tutu's are sheer - you wear something under and if you don't its because you expect the see through ;) Its a bit static when you first pull it out but within minutes of wearing it, the fabric will loosen up and have a lot more fluff and movement to it! The lights are amazing! They're so bright! I was afraid from the pictures that the lights would line up perfectly and I wanted more of a random look. Not a problem! They're on a bendable wire. You can either shape their pattern by hand or just wear it around for a while and let the movements of your body create waves and dimension in the lighting! The lights are really bright but not blinding, they're just beautiful to look at and turn your cute colorful tutu princess into a tutu princess STAR! Its a lot of fun to wear and its really well made. The stitching in the band is really secure and the light string is well secured too! The tiny little battery pack is well concealed and very very small. The switch is a little hard because its so small but they made sure to compensate by making the switch height longer so it can be grasped easier! I love it !! I received this tutu for free in exchange for my honest review. I am not affiliated with the tutu, the seller, or Amazon except as a happy customer!

    10 of 11 people found the following review helpful.
    By Allison
    I got this thinking that I could wear it on Halloween and parades for added fun. I also have a daughter who is nearly 5 years old who loves to dress up, so I knew that she would want to wear it too if she could.
    I found that it did just fit my 5 year old, as in, the elastic was not stretched at all, so any smaller of a child it would be too big, but then it will fit adults as well. So I would say that it would easily fit ages 6 and up. Perhaps not into plus sizing, but I'm about 160lbs and it works for me.
    The only con I see with this, is I'm not sure how high of quality the lights are, but for dressing up at least it won't be in use a ton. I say this because when I got mine, the lights wouldn't stay on. I moved the on/off button and they would stay on if I held it, but if I let go of the on/off they would blink out. So, I took a screwdriver and tightened the screws on the case, and that seemed to fix it. Now they stay on fine. However, it seems like quality control might be lacking for them to miss that issue.
    Overall though it's fun, and great for Halloween and parades like I wanted it for. I think that the quality is equal with the price, it's not too expensive, so it's not really fancy.
    I got the rainbow one and it is really short, so it's more for looks on an adult versus an actual skirt. On a child it would be fine though.
    I did receive this for free for my honest review, but all opinions are my own.

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