Enell Sports Bra Size 0 Scuba Blue
Enell Sports Bra Size 0 Scuba Blue
Manufacturer : Enell
Amazon Price : $48.00
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Avg. Customer Rating:4.5 of 5.0
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Product Details
  • Size: 0
  • Color: scuba blue
  • Brand: Enell
  • Model: 100-00-4
  • Dimensions: .19 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Maximum control wire-free racerback sports bra
  • Ideal bra for post operative breast reconstruction
  • 1 column, 11 row hook and eye front closure
  • Shimmering moisture-wicking microfiber
  • Natural shape maintained with seamed, double-layer cups
  • Customer Reviews

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    5How to get into your Enell Sports Bra
    By J. Red Tripp
    I love this bra. I am a competitive, thin, fit 44 yo with 34F busts so over the years certain body parts have moved a bit southward and there is a lot of potential for jiggling to outright flopping. In this Enell Sport Bra I can run and jump with no unwanted movement. It is a compression bra, so you are going to have a mono-boob, but it is the only bra I can run in that does the job without chafing. And when I am working out hard I'm a make-up-less, hair-puled-back, sweaty mess, so what do I care if I have one compressed motionless boob?

    Most of the negative reviews of this bra are folks who couldn't get into it, so I figured I would tell you the easiest way:
    1. First put your arms through the arm holes as though you were putting on a vest.
    2. Leave your boobs where they are: if they are down by your lower rib cage, your belly button or tucked into your waistband, just leave there.
    3. Grasp your Enell Sports Bra by the bottom two front clasps and lift up (vertically) so you are NOT pulling it across your boobs, but over the top of your boobs across your chest at arm pit height.
    4. Hook the bottom to clasps so that the bra is closed at the bottom but contains no boobs.
    5. Using your right hand, go through the inside of the bra and scoop up your left boob and pull it into the bra. Do the same with your left hand, right boob.
    6. Arrange your boobs so they are comfortable and facing the same general direction, then easily hook the rest of the clasps from the bottom up.

    I will say this is a LOT of bra. If you are a cup size C or smaller this may not be the bra for you. If you do not do a lot of high impact movements (running, jumping, karate, burpees, pogo-sticking) you probably do not need a bra this sturdy. For example, I do not need to wear my Enell when I am weight training or biking. However, if you are an older lady who maybe has had a couple of kids and gravity has done its thing, this may be the bra for you; or if you are a younger gal who is well endowed and have seen your mother naked and don't want the same fate to befall you, then you may want to wear a Enell to ward off the horrors of gravity for as long as possible.

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    4Four Stars
    By Charlene Herrick
    Good quality and arrived fast, sizing slightly larger than expected after measuring

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    5Normal frame, big boobs
    By David Stout
    Ok so I'm 32 and 5 mo post partum. Currently, I have a chest measurement of 34 and a bust of 39 inches.
    I read review after review on sports bras. My old method was double bagging with classic new balance sports bras. But after this baby, my third, the girls had a completely different rhythm than the rest of my body! They really began to hurt. I take all types of classes: Zumba, HIIT, boot camp, yoga...

    Here's what I've found after about a month of using this Enell. I got a size 1, FYI

    1. I love it and as a larger breasted woman on a normal frame, bras have been the bane of my existence since highschool.

    2. The girls bounce... When I run, there is little to no movement. But when I am running with high knees, jumping, up and down for burpees, they get moving. BUT they only go up! Never below the band and they never feel unsupported at all. As in my skin is not stretching in a vain attempt to reign them in, my girls are totally secure.

    3. You have to push the girls up and over to get the first few hooks fastnened, then push them in and arrange and finish the hooks. Let me tell you... My baby has had to wait more than once to nurse while I try to get the Enell off!!

    4. You can nip out. I just try to make them point the same just in case. But it's never really bad, but don't think there's padded coverage.

    5. I think this is high quality and plan to wear it after my boobs *hopefully* shrink after weaning. I'm counting on it to last!

    6. You have uniboob and it feels like your cleavage is up to your neck. But SO worth it. I don't even consider my boobs and it's comfortable. If you are working out hard and don't want to think about your boobs, this is the bra for you.

    If you're trying to get a cute look for watching your kids play sports... Well wear anything!

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