Ollie Arnes Women's Unique One of a Kind HALLOWEEN Costume Leggings and Tights GIRAFFE ONE SIZE
Ollie Arnes Women's Unique One of a Kind HALLOWEEN Costume Leggings and Tights GIRAFFE ONE SIZE
Manufacturer : Ollie Arnes
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Product Details
  • Size: One Size fits S to L
  • Color: Giraffe
  • Brand: Ollie Arnes
  • Product Features
  • It is time to grab your costume for upcoming HALLOWEEN :) Variety of vibrant prints and colors to choose from!! Don't miss out :)
  • Elastic band delivers comfort and all-day freshness. Amazing stretch and recovery for a flattering fit and feel. Our Halloween-Inspired Leggings provides comfort and style at the same time
  • [C A R E I N S T R U C T I O N S]: Hand wash and machine washable. Should NOT be bleached, dried or ironed ** 100% Polyester // Imported
  • WE ARE HERE TO HELP : ) If you have questions regarding size, color, or any other matter feel free to let us know. COLOR DISCLAIMER: Due to the different display variances (brightness, calibration, light from the environment) the pictures shown on the monitor may be different with the product when seen by each individual.
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    5Cute and comfortable? Can't beat that
    By Rose
    Buying this item without any reviews did make me a tiny bit afraid at first to give them a try, but I'm glad I did! These leggings arrived safely packed in an envelope, nicely folded in plastic wrap on the inside. Upon ripping open the plastic, these leggings are super soft, they have to be the softest leggings I've ever touched in my life. The material is thick and stretchy so they cover every bit of where you'd like for them to cover. I cannot believe how comfortable and warm these are for such a great value. I'm impressed with everything about this product. There isn't any strong odor to them like some clothing has when you order them online, and there's no strains, holes, scrapes or anything. I washed them and they came out the same as before, no faded colors, rough material and they were in one piece.

    Now for the sizing. I was a bit skeptical about the "one size fits S to L" as I normally do wear large or extra large leggings depending on the brand and my biggest fear that these would be ridiculously too small but to my surprise, they weren't. I typically wear a US size 12 and have difficulties finding pants/leggings that fit over my thunder thighs and that was not at all an issue with these leggings. They're stretchy in the best way possible so when they stretch over my thighs, it didn't ruin the pattern or overall thickness of them. I ordered "TRIBAL".

    I think I found my new favorite pair of leggings and I love my leggings. Don't be discouraged when you open them and they look tiny, I promise you that they stretch and don't shrink in the wash.

    I received this product discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased review and that's what you got. These leggings are fantastic.

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    5Super impressed!!!
    By Cy
    I purchased the Wolf eyes design.
    I was not expecting the high quality of leggings I received!!!
    Am usually skeptical about "one size fits all leggings' and clothes in general as they turnout to be too short or too tight on me. Am happy I set my doubts aside and went for it.
    With my 5 "11" frame, the length is pretty decent, stops before my ankle which is ok by me as I'll have it nicely tucked in black ankle boots or knee boots with a baggy sweater top to keep the cold away.
    The waist fits perfectly, it has very good elasticity and will look nice on a Dress size 16 lady too.
    Good fabric, elastic but not see through or cheap.

    The design is eye catching. I love the cold and calculating wolf eyes set on a white background.
    I'll surely be purchasing more designs from this seller.

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    3When they say one size fits all, if you ...
    By The 3 little Umipigs
    When they say one size fits all, if you are larger than a size 6-8, don't bother. These are very high quality material and are very soft but look completely stretched out and bursting at the seams for someone larger. I review every single product that I receive from Amazon whether full price or discounted. I was offered this product at a discount or for free. I am leaving feedback based on my family's personal experience with this product, but under FTC regulations, I must disclose that I received this product at a discount. I was not compensated in any way for leaving a review. If you feel that my review was helpful, please let me know by pressing the 'yes' button below. Thank you!

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