J World New York Sundance Rolling Backpack, Argyle Black, One Size
J World New York Sundance Rolling Backpack, Argyle Black, One Size
Manufacturer : J World New York
Amazon Price : $49.97
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Product Description
J world new york sundance model is the perfect way to walk around in style while providing the protection necessary to keep your laptop from breaking. Inside the second main compartment there is a padded laptop sleeve with a velcro strap that can keep your laptop stabilized in a position that is in the middle of the bag. There is also enough space to fit in your books or even your computer accessories for your laptop. The main compartment has even more space for your textbooks and bulky objects. Also featured on this backpack is the organizer pocket to organize your pencils, pens, keys and credit cards.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #263063 in Apparel & Accessories
  • Size: One Size
  • Color: Argyle Black
  • Brand: J World New York
  • Model: RBS-19 ARGYLE BLACK
  • Fabric type: 100% Polyester
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 20.00" h x 9.00" w x 13.00" l, 4.60 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Pockets: 2 interior slip, 1 interior zip, 6 exterior, ID windows, 4 card slots and Extending handle Length 21.5 inches
  • Customer Reviews

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    1Handle malfunctioned in three months. Seller and manufacturer said it was customer's fault without even asking for any info.
    By may
    I purchased the bag for my middle school daughter because she loved the pattern. Although I read the review on the handle problem, I still went ahead because I thought it might be an isolated case, and even if the problem did occur later, it would be covered under the manufacturer's three year warranty. I was wrong! In less than three months, the handle malfunctioned - it could not be pushed down. By all means, my daughter used it normally. She is a gentle girl and takes care of her things. The bag still looked very new, and there was no physical damage at all. I contacted the seller. Their reply was that manufacturer "stated if the handled worked properly initially, the handle housing must have been damaged by some sort of shock and causing the housing unit to be bent. This would not be covered under the warranty as, only manufacturer defectives would be covered". This was a very irresponsible statement made by the manufacturer and the seller. It is ridiculous that without asking for any information or looking at the bag, a conclusion was made that it was the customer's fault and not a manufacturer's defect. The seller said they could not help me and asked me to contact the manufacturer directly. I then looked up the manufacturer JWorld's webiste. There was NO phone number listed on the website, only email contacts. I have sent them two separate emails and to date still have not heard from them. While JWorld's bags do look pretty, quality is clearly an issue, and the manufacturer's warranty is a hoax.

    Update on January 9, 2013 - The manufacturer responded after two emails and the above post. They sent me instructions to take out the handle and said they would send me a replacement handle. I spent some time to take out the handle, wrote a reminder email to them and expected the new handle would come soon. Two weeks later, I still had not received anything nor did I hear from them again. I sent them an email again, inquiring about when they were going to ship the handle - no response from the maunfacturer. After a week, I sent another email - no response again. I'm going to write them an email again today.

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    59 months later, and used by a 9 yr old, it's still working well
    By D. Lazaro
    My daughter uses this as her school back pack, and isn't too gentle with it. Yet, it has worked well all year and doesn't have any sign of falling apart. Even the side pockets where she jams water bottles and other misc items are still in good condition. The wheels which have been dragged down stairs and other impact areas are still strong and intact.

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    1*** BUYER BEWARE *** of counterfeit JWorld backpacks
    By Yogatude
    I was excited to finally purchase these backpacks for my soon-to-be 9 year old twins for their birthday this August. I had done some pretty extensive research on them since the end of last year because I noticed a lot of kids at their school were using them and they seemed really efficient and durable, especially for up-er graders. I was going to order the backpacks from J World's official website, but they offered minimal discounts, so the backpacks listed were too expensive for me to purchase two at once. I checked here at Amazon and found several within a reasonable price range, so first I ordered a blue J World Sundance Rolling backpack for my son, but noticed they didn't have the same style in pink for my daughter. I conducted another search via Amazon and found one for her that was just a couple of dollars more, but the order was going to be fulfilled by a different seller. My son's backpack was shipped first and when I received it, I opened up the box and removed the plastic wrapping and inspected the backpack. It was exactly how I expected it to be. Everything matched up with the pictures I viewed on Amazon and the J World official website. I was very pleased with the craftsmanship, vibrant fabric, concave wheels, stitched logos and the pull handle. Everything checkout great! When my daughter's backpack arrived a few days later, I noticed right away that the box it was shipped in didn't have any Amazon logos on it; and when I opened the box, the backpack was not in protective plastic (it looked like it was just thrown in the box). When I pulled the backpack out of the box I noticed some very immediate differences in the craftsmanship compared to my son's backpack: 1) the wheels were totally different- instead of being a chrome-like concave wheel, it had 5-star spoke design 2) The pull handle was stamped with a horizontal black "JW New York" logo instead of a white vertical "J World New York" and the handle had a hard grip instead of softer rubber grip; it would also get stuck trying to push it completely down 3) the fabric look cheap and faded- there was actually a "chalky" fade mark on the front and the pattern didn't match up 4) The info/price tag was a different color- it was blue instead of purple 5) the zippers on the front were busting open in the middle and had crooked stitching 6) instead of the stitched rainbow logo on the front, there was a black "J World" button 7) the hooks for the shoulder straps were attached to a loop instead of being clasped in the molding of the backpack. There were a few more discrepancies, but those were the most noticeable. Looking back at the pictures of the backpack on Amazon, some were of the actual backpack I received mixed with a few of the authentic backpack's pics- so maybe the merchant was aware that these were fake. I noticed the backpack is manufactured in China and unfortunately, their imports are known for having counterfeit items slipping into our marketplace from time to time. Some merchants knowingly sell these items hoping that the consumer won't notice the difference and others have been just as surprised to find out they have sold consumers these counterfeit items because they may look very similar to the true thing. I always do my best to research specs, study pictures on websites or thoroughly check out the actual product before I purchase it for a lower price online especially when it considered a high-end item like this. These backpacks aren't cheap (in quality or price)! And for good reason, because they are made very well, so to read other reviews about how the pull handles didn't work or broke after 4 months of use or how the zippers came apart after several weeks, etc.; that's a red flag that the item received was indeed a fake! I've seen these backpacks a lot at my kids' school and they are usually durable enough that most kids have used them from 4th grade through at least 6th grade and they function just fine- that's why I'm buying them for my twins. Long story short, I returned the pink "fake" backpack to the seller at Amazon and ordered from another website who sold authentic J World backpacks for a great discounted price. I recently, received that backpack and it looks exactly the way I expected it to and just like my son's backpack. I look forward to having my kids enjoy them for at least the next couple of years without any issues. I hope this review is helpful to anyone reading this. It's not J World... their backpack line is top-notch. The fakes being produced in China are giving them a bad name. Thus, my reason for giving the one star to this particular seller on Amazon, but authentic J World backpacks get 5 stars from me any day! Buying anything online can be tricky and I still love using Amazon as my go-to online marketplace, you just have to be careful and take the time to research before you buy so that you can develop a keen eye for spotting fakes like these.

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