Zefal Spy Bicycle Mirror
Zefal Spy Bicycle Mirror
Manufacturer : Zefal
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Product Description
Fits most all bikes. Easy on and off mounting with no tools. Convex unbreakable chrome plated plastic mirror. Fits 22mm thru 66mm. Mirror face is 50mmx40mm.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #16928 in Sports & Outdoors
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Zefal
  • Model: 95293
  • Released on: 2008-12-12
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 1.00" h x 2.40" w x 6.30" l, .6 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Universal multi position mirror
  • No tools required
  • Mounts almost anywhere on bike
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    5Smallest and least obtrusive I could find...
    By Kindle Customer
    I selected this mirror because it was the smallest and least obtrusive I could find. I've tried a few that are much larger and stick way out or up. The smallness of the Zefal Spy can be a problem if you mount it where it may be difficult to see and adjust. I found that was the case when mounted on the fork which seemed the most convenient location to me. My mountain bike has bar extensions on the ends of the handlebars and the best location for me is on left side just above the horizontal grip. It is close enough to my head so the smallness is not an issue and my left hand and arm don't get in the way. I will try to post a picture (on this review if possible, or) with the others on the main page.

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    2Too small to be effective, no good mounting locations
    By N. Barkus
    Let me preface this by saying I rode for over a year without a mirror and did OK, but having a mirror finally seemed like a good idea and I settled on this one because I wasn't sure where I would want to put it to see behind me the best, and this one offers flexible mounting options and an unobtrusive size. I figured I would experiment with locations and find something that worked.

    A movable, flexible mirror seems like a really good idea, but it doesn't get the job done.

    First, it's just too small. You can't get a clear view of what is behind you at a glance, just too small of an area to focus on for details. It's about 2 inches by 1.5 inches (yes I'm guessing here) and that is enough space to tell if there are headlights behind you but not much else without studying it. And forget about having it catch your eye with motion the way a rearview mirror in a car does, it's just too small. You have to remember to look at it, although based on my observations of other riders, anyone who has a frame mounted mirror of any size doesn't notice movement in it.

    I tried lots of mounting locations, and the only place that works where you can see it quickly without moving your head too much is on the end of your handlebar. Mounting it low is just not an option, you can't glance down at a tiny mirror on the frame quickly enough and you take your eyes way too far off the road and the view is never a complete picture of what is behind you because some portion of you or the bike is in the way.

    If you're planning to ride in traffic, you need to get used to the mirror's location and angle so you can check it in a split second, like in a car. This mirror doesn't attach very firmly, so you regularly have to adjust it. As often as not when I look down at it, it's showing me the ground behind my back tire or the clouds and I have to give it a quick tweak.

    Now, I ride a commute that includes going down 5th avenue in Manhattan for 14 blocks. Maybe this would work for someplace with less traffic, but even on the portions of my commute that aren't swarming with taxis, I really don't have a good feel for what is behind me without looking over my shoulder.

    Bottom line, a bike-mounted mirror needs to be bigger, sturdier, and there is really only one good mounting point - the end of the handlbar.

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    4Decent Little Mirror
    By Ahavah
    It does get the job done for urban riding. I have it mounted on my end bars.

    -no tools required for installation
    -discrete, but functional
    -easily adjustable
    -numerous mounting options

    -no tools for installation mean theft also requires no tools...
    -I often have to readjust it while riding because it moves around too easily. I will need to install something (like a rubber ring) around the inner part of the bracket to prevent this from happening when I'm actually moving.
    -the mirror component looks super cheap... but it is clear enough to see traffic behind me.

    Overall good bang for your buck.

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