Large Zipper Easy On Compression Beige Socks
Large Zipper Easy On Compression Beige Socks
Manufacturer : Unknown
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  • Size: LG, Large
  • Color: Beige
  • Brand: Unknown
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 5.00" h x 2.00" w x 2.00" l,
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  • Imported or made in the U.S.A.
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    5These work well...check the brand...
    By Dr. Oceanfront
    I bought these for a health professional friend who has a very serious case of something (veins issues I think). What I do know, is she wrapped her feet with many things everyday, and she has horrific pain by the afternoon. Her legs swell up so badly, she told me her compression socks hurt terribly to take off.

    So, having compassion, and a lower of Amazon, I searched to find an item that make this wonderful persons life a little better. Of course, Amazon did have something a product I never even heard of...compression socks with zippers!

    I made an immediate purchase, and wrapped them as a gift, so she would have to accept them. Honestly, when she opened them, she had tears in her eyes...I think the pain is even worse than I thought, as she works standing all day. :(

    Well, she tried them and told me they are a life saver! To think, just having a zipper on these could make such a world of difference.
    For one thing, she said that if she gets pain at the top of her legs, she can just move the zipper down a little, and it relieves it. Before she had to pull down the top of her zipper less compression stockings, which than caused pain on the place it was doubled up on.

    I never asked her how important it was to be able to zipper up, but I imagine when you feet are so swollen, it would be a lot easier to do that then try to pull them up over your leg. In fact, the reason I knew there has to be a solution, is I sometimes wear a knee brace, and if hate the ones you have to pull up. It is hard on my hands to pull, and just the entire idea made no sense to me. I was lucky to find the Velcro brace that wraps around your leg, and then you tighten with Velcro fasteners, which I totally love...but I digress. :)

    She told me that taking them off after work is so easy and not painful anymore. I was so happy for her!
    She just received this gift, and it is definitely 5 big stars.

    If the leggings don't hold up, I will come back and update you. For now, this has really helped an older person get some control back obverse their life.

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    5Ordered these stocking for my mom who has a terrible time with swelling of the ankle and leg area
    By Judy
    Ordered these stocking for my mom who has a terrible time with swelling of the ankle and leg area. After reading the reviews on the stocking that where like these, that said one size fits all but everyone stated they never could get them after ordering them.I was looking around and found these compression stocking where you needed to measure for a good fit.... I love these stocking and am glad I found these.....a true fit and they really work!

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    5Life saver
    By Jim
    if you have tried to put these on without the zipper you understand. they work great, no equipment to fight with. Much easier to put on a 86 year old with out causing discomfort to them

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